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Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Spoilers: Camilla Luddington on what's next for Jo

Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Spoilers: Camilla Luddington on what's next for Jo

Grey's Anatomy star Camilla Luddington has addressed fans' burning questions following last week's episode which shed light on Jo's relationship with her mom. 


"This changes her drastically," Luddington said when asked about how the events from the episode will affect her character. 

"What viewers will witness is how this encounter completely takes over her life. We have yet to see Jo react to anything in this way before. It’s devastating and raw."


For fans wondering whether Jo will ever tell Alex about the latest development, Luddington offered: 

"I would like for her to tell Alex."

"I’m not sure she can avoid telling him forever, but that’s a very very painful thing to disclose to someone. I don’t think she’s fully processed it herself yet. I think even saying the truth out loud to him would break her right now."


Will it be a game-changing event for Jolex? Luddington thinks it "will derail a lot" of it including their plans to start a family.  

"You will see the ripple effect through the rest of the season," she teased. 

"Jolex has been unshakable all season, but this does end up shaking them.


As for what she can tease about Jo's arc for the rest of 15B, Luddington said: 

"I’m not sure if “look forward” is the right way to describe viewing what’s to come. You’ll see a person slowly lose sense of themselves. You’ll watch a person implode."


Newly Released Guide

Season 15 Episode 22: "Meredith debates how to handle an unexpected situation in her personal life."

"Richard has an untimely reunion with an old friend."

"Jo has a hard time at work; Owen tries therapy."

This episode is titled "Head High Over Heels." Airdate is TBA. 



  • Caterina Scorsone's Amelia is not exiting the series. TV Line confirmed that the rumors are false, according to an ABC insider. 


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Source: Cosmo, TV Line