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Gotham Season 2 Spoilers: Villains, Bruce Wayne & More!

Gotham Season 2 Spoilers: Villains, Bruce Wayne & More!

FOX dropped a brand new bunch of Gotham spoilers at this year's WonderCon, dishing out details on what's to come next season!

All the scoop below.

On the final four episodes of the season...

 The first season's final four episodes will see Gordon tracking the serial killer dubbed the Ogre (played by Milo Ventimiglia), while Edward Nygma will continue to grow unhinge once he finds himself in a personal crisis.

Villains in season 2!

The villains will include Mr. Freeze, Hugo Strange, Tommy Elliott, Clayface and Mad Hatter, and they also plan on revisiting the Jerome story (you know, one of the many potential Jokers). Stephens also said they've often discussed the Court of Owls, but still haven't pulled the trigger on actually using them on the show.

Bruce Wayne in season 2...

Season 2 will also see young Bruce start to cultivate the public persona of Bruce Wayne (which becomes the playboy facade he utilizes as an adult) as he continues investigating his parents' murder.

Gotham returns this Monday, April 13th!

Source: IGN