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Good Trouble Season 2 Spoilers: Everything We Know So Far

Good Trouble Season 2 Spoilers: Everything We Know So Far

Good Trouble boss Joanna Johnson has addressed all your burning questions about how season 1 of the Fosters spinoff concluded.

Additionally, Freeform has dropped an early promo teaser for season 2! 

Watch it below and keep scrolling for the spoilers!

On what’s next for Dennis

I think what happens for people with depression is that they go inside. They don't tell people. They don't share. We wanted to really tell a story about how important it is to reach out, and to allow healing to happen through community. The whole point of the Coterie is that people living together, and how, when you come together in groups, it lifts you out of your doldrums. It lifts you out of a bad day. It can actually be very healing. That's the story that we wanted to tell with Dennis. Not that it's going to be easy for Dennis to do that right off. Dennis is going to try to deal with this on his own, and with Davia's help. And Davia is going to try to, in some ways, try to save him, or ultimately get him to want to save himself.


On what fans can from his relationship with Davia

We learn that Davia doesn’t want to go back to Pittsburgh, has sort of gotten tired of waiting for Jeff and realizes that she deserves more. But [she’s] also realizing, in this fear of losing Dennis, that she really loves this guy. She has feelings for Dennis that she has to unpack. So going forward, that’s definitely going to be something that Davia’s going to be dealing with. But as you see in the finale, Jeff shows up and says, “I left my wife finally,” so she’s in this position where, “Oh, my God, I finally got this guy to leave his wife. What do I do now? How do I dump him? And I’m not sure that’s what I want.” She’s very confused going into the next season.


On Callie’s professional arc in season 2

We don’t know whether she gave Officer Griffin’s personnel file to the plaintiffs or not. She has that debate with herself, which was really fun to shoot as well. I got that idea in some ways from Orphan Black. It’s amazing the way they shot that. I also felt like Callie has no one to talk to, and so she has to talk to herself. There’s a side of herself that’s saying, “Don’t do something stupid. It’s unethical,” and another side that’s saying, “What’s unethical is that he’s not getting a fair trial and these personnel files aren’t coming to light.” So we go into next season not knowing whether she gave the files or not. If she did give them, she’s in a tremendous amount of trouble, ultimately, if she gets found out. That’s what we unravel in the first couple episodes of next season, as well as what happens in the trial.

On that huge cliffhanger where Callie has to choose between Jamie or Gael

it's not really a quick resolution, and even if she were to make a choice, we often doubt our choices and we're not sure if we've made the right one. I think with this, what Jamie and Gael represent to Callie is different sides of herself. One is the artist side, the more romantic side. The other is a more practical side, the lawyer side of her — the one who wants to fight and change the law, and fight for legal rights. And the other one who wants to do it through an artistic way.


So it's really a choice for Callie of, "Who do I want to be?" And that changes all the time. Especially when you're in your twenties. You come out of college and you think, "Well, now I'm going to know who I am, and I'm going to know what I want, and I'm going to go out and I'm going to just change the world and take the world by storm." And the world's like, "Who the hell are you?" You get more slapped in the face than you get applauded. Especially, you know, this generation, that in some ways gets a trophy just for showing up. You get out in the real world, the real world doesn't do that.

And finally, here’s an early spoilers for season 2 

Growing the ensemble and really exploring all these really wonderful rich characters, and how they interact, how the Coterie gives them a sense of community that helps them through the stress of everyday life, and in the smaller questions, and the bigger questions that they're faced with. Just digging deeper into these really fascinating and interesting characters, as well Mariana and Callie. That's really exciting for me to have five or six wonderful characters to dig into, and each episode focuses more on one or another, so it keeps it fresh.


Season 2 Casting 

On casting, the series has promoted Josh Pence and Emma Hunton as series regulars for the new installment. 


Season 2 Promo Teaser


Good Trouble season 2 premieres June 18 on Freeform. 


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