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Glee Season 6 Episode 6 "What the World Needs Now" Guide

Glee Season 6 Episode 6 "What the World Needs Now" Guide

Brittany and Santana set out to convince their family - meanwhile, Mercedes comes home to convince Rachel of something, too. 

You can check out the official synopsis for Glee season 6 episode 6 "What the World Needs Now" right here:

Season 6 Episode 6 "What the World Needs Now"


As Brittany and Santana plan their wedding, Artie is recruited to be the wedding planner. While Santana struggles with the fact that her disapproving grandmother - with whom she hasn't spoken since coming out as a lesbian - refuses to attend, Brittany takes matters into her own hands. Fresh off their unexpected win at Sue's Show Choir Invitational, Rachel and Kurt give the gleeks their weekly assignment: the music of Burt Bacharach, and recruit reigning diva Mercedes to act as a mentor for the new singers. While Mercedes is supportive of Rachel's new career path, she is committed to convincing her to not abandon her dreams of something bigger and better...namely Broadway. To that end, she tells Rachel she's arranged an audition for her for a new, upcoming Broadway musical, and tries to inspire a resistant and gun-shy Rachel to take another shot at her dreams of stardom.

Meanwhile, despite agreeing to stay just friends, Rachel and Sam try to negotiate bigger feelings they may or may not have for each other, but it takes the advice of an interested third party to move things along; and Brittany learns a shocking family secret, including the origins of her remarkable mathematical prowess.

series regulars:

    Lea Michele as Rachel Berry
    Chris Colfer as Kurt Hummel
    Darren Criss as Blaine Anderson
    Chord Overstreet as Sam Evans
    Jane Lynch as Sue
    Matthew Morrison as Will
    Dot-Marie Jones as Coach Beiste

guest & recurring cast:

    Lauren Potter as Becky Jackson
    Heather Morris as Brittany S. Pierce
    Naya Rivera as Santana Lopez
    Amber Riley as Mercedes Jones

written by:


directed by:

Source: FOX