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Glee Season 6 Episode 2 "Homecoming" Spoilers: Tension Rises Between Rachel, Kurt & Blaine

Glee Season 6 Episode 2 "Homecoming" Spoilers: Tension Rises Between Rachel, Kurt & Blaine

As Rachel, Kurt, Blaine, and Sam all go their respective separate ways in leadership in season 6, the four promise not to let their new roles come between them as friends - until of course, power threatens to win out over Rachel, Kurt, and Blaine. 

Check out these spoilers for Glee season 6 episode 2, "Homecoming" from MJ's Big Blog:

Rachel, Kurt, Blaine, and Sam have dinner with Will. Despite being rivals, they pledge not to undermine each other. Kurt is uneasy, but he keeps his cool in Blaine’s presence. (Dinner at Mr. Schue’s house is the new/old Monday Night Dinner.)

A power struggle emerges between Rachel and Kurt. There’s an issue over whether the two will be co-directors, or if Kurt will be an assistant.

After [Dalton newbie Jane defects to McKinley's New Directions], Blaine accuses Rachel and Kurt of purposely undermining him.

There’s a pep rally everyone attends, including Karofsky and Blaine. This happens after Blaine’s tiff with Rachel and Kurt. For Blaine, dating Karofsky is about shaking his life up post-break up with Kurt.

Then there's Brittany, off in her own little la-la land, giving Kurt relationship advice. As if things couldn't look any bleaker for poor Kurt; first losing Blaine to Karofksy, then unable to persuade a new kid to join glee club, now possibly "breaking up" with his two best friends.... 

Brittany gives Kurt relationship advice, but it’s played for laughs (aka super-jokey Brittany speak.)

What do you think of the new developments between our favorite characters, are you disappointed at the idea of some of our favorite Glee friendships/relationships falling apart?

Source: MJ's Big Blog