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Glee Season 6 Episode 2 "Homecoming" Spoilers: Blaine and Rachel Meet Jane, a Female Warbler

Glee Season 6 Episode 2 "Homecoming" Spoilers: Blaine and Rachel Meet Jane, a Female Warbler

In Glee season 6 episode 2, "Homecoming", the McKinley graduates return to help recruit new glee club members. Blaine especially has his work cut out for him as new director of The Warblers, when a new female student at Dalton Academy wants to audition.

You can read a transcript from F--- Yeah, Glee Club of the audition dialogue for the new character of Jane, right here: 

Jane: You’re Mr. Anderson, right? Hi, I’m Jane. I am new to Dalton.

Blaine: What do you mean, you go here? But you’re a girl.

Jane: You’re very perceptive. My dad went here, and two of my uncles, all three were on the Warblers. My dad, uh, he still has his little blazer and he used to roll up his sleeves and let me wear it any time we all do old Warbler routines. But then there I was stuck at one of the lowest performing schools in Ohio with no arts, no music, and so my parents brought on a Title IX lawsuit against Dalton Academy and won.

Blaine: Wow! That’s shocking and—and amazing, that’s amazing.

Jane: Thank you, it’s nice to hear. Anyway, I spoke with the Dean of Performing Arts and he told me to come talk to you. I want to be a Warbler.

Naturally, Blaine brings in Rachel as a feminine influence to help Jane refine her performance skills....

Blaine: Jane, I’d like you to meet Rachel Berry, the greatest performer I’ve ever known.

Jane: Oh wow, it is so nice to actually meet you, Ms. Berry. You’re a legend.

Rachel: Not everyone shares that opinion these days, but thanks. I couldn’t be more honored to help.

Blaine: Jane, you are really in the best hands possible. I think my work here is done. I’ll leave you two ladies alone.

Jane: Before we get started, I just, I have to ask, why are you helping me? A McKinley alum helping a soon-to-be Warbler?

Rachel: Even though we are mortal show choir enemies, I’m a woman before all that. And I figure you’re fighting this fight for all of us girls. There’s a packed house out there. Show me your presence.

...and Rachel actually ends up making a pretty positive impression on Jane!

Rachel: Now perhaps the most important thing: Your song.

Jane: Well my family has this tradition of singing “Up, Up and Away,” which is hard because…

Rachel: That song isn’t you.

Jane: Not even close!

Rachel: I can’t tell you what to sing. I learned that it’s a feeling someone has to have with a song. Let me see your phone.

Rachel: Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me” is the most played song you have…

Jane: Oh my God, it’s my favorite. I mean, it’s like incredible.

Rachel: I think we just found your audition song!

Jane: Okay!

But, as you'll read in these spoilers for "Homecoming" here, in a sick twist of fate for poor Blaine, newbie Dalton student Jane winds up over at McKinley as part of Rachel and Kurt's New Directions!

What do you think of Jane's character so far?