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Glee Season 6 Episode 12 "2009" Spoilers: A "Touching" Tribute to Finn...and We Even See Blaine!

Glee Season 6 Episode 12 "2009" Spoilers: A "Touching" Tribute to Finn...and We Even See Blaine!

E! Online gives some scoop on the first part of Glee's 2-hour series finale - season 6 episode 12, "2009" - where we flash back to the original members of New Directions, before Glee's Pilot episode takes place. 

The episode flashes back to show the backstory right before we met the Glee kids in the show's 2009 pilot, and fills in some of the gaps of the story we already saw.

Without giving too much away, because this is one of those TV events you want to truly experience on your own, it's worth noting that this first hour is a love letter to the fans who have been with the show since season one--even those who didn't stick with it.

It's also an emotional look at what Kurt was going through with his dad and at school before we really knew him. (HInt: Dark times.)

Most notably, however, is the final minutes of "2009" in which producers show how they were able to cope with doing a flashback episode to a time with Finn (Cory Monteith) was very much in the mix.

There's a sweet and poignant scene with the New Directions kids talking about FInn, offering up a litte info we didn't know prior, and then a great final scene that effectively uses some old pilot footage, and reminds us why, when we first watched this show's premiere 6 years ago, we all lept off our couches and cheered for this new merry band of misfits. Our new TV character spirit guides who made us all feel like we could celebrate our differences and accomplish anything with a little help from friends. 

E! gives a little bit more detail in this week's Spoiler Chat. 

The Kurt scenes are perhaps the most poignant (along with of course the Finn mentions and footage, which I already went on about and can't wait to re-watch on Friday). We'll see what a very dark place he was in before finding the glee club, and it really is a nice, touching contrast to where he is now. I think you'll love that first hour to pieces. Oh, and spoiler alert: You do also see Blaine!

How do you think they'll throw Blaine into the mix, before he was even introduced on the show?

Source: E! Online, E! Online