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Glee Season 2 Episode 21 "Funeral" Guide

Glee Season 2 Episode 21 "Funeral" Guide

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This episode might be called "Funeral", but it's about more than just a literal death - following with the theme, the New Directions kids all experience a "death" or loss of some sort in this next new Glee episode.

Check out our guide for episode 21 of season 2, "Funeral":

  • New Directions is hard at work on their set list for Nationals, and it's Jesse St. Sexy James who jumps at the opportunity to give his McKinley rivals a helping hand.
  • The kids might be formulating a winning set list strategy, but not all is so hunky-dory within the walls of McKinley as one of the kids experiences the death of a loved one.
  • Source: FOX