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Glee Going Up From Here: Fox to Release Original Content During Hiatus

Glee Going Up From Here: Fox to Release Original Content During Hiatus


The fall finale has come and gone, and with it, sectionals, and right now many of us Gleeks are wondering just how much our lives will suck without Glee during the four-month hiatus. Well, it's not like we don't have some goodies to tide us over. There are soundtrack volumes one and two, not to mention the DVD release. At least Fox has us set for the cold, Glee-less winter months ahead as we head into hiatus hibernation.

Though it seems we might be getting more goodies than we thought. This past Friday, Entertainment Weekly gave us all a heads-up as to what we might be able to expect during the hiatus:

"Sources close to the show say that there are plans to release original content during the hiatus (similar to how clips and music were released this past summer between the May preview and the season premiere) and that an episode marathon is being discussed prior to the series returning."

While said plans haven't yet been confirmed, I'm sure we can bet on something Glee-related from Fox between now and April. The cast and crew returned December 7 to work on the back nine episodes, and the new episodes are set to air on Fox starting Tuesday, April 13.

Wait, Tuesday? Yes, instead of the Wednesday night slot we've grown accustomed to, it seems the network is planning to scoot Glee back a day to fall in line with sister hit music series, American Idol. Which should prove to be a wise move, considering the success and similarity between both shows. Nope, Fox isn't worried one bit:

“'If I were ABC, I would be concerned about FlashForward because those shows are ending in a downward cycle—Glee’s ending in an upward cycle,'” says Preston Beckman, Fox’s EVP of Strategic Program Planning and Research. “'The best news of all is that when it returns it’s gonna be sitting behind American Idol. So it’s not like we’re putting it in a time period where it’s gonna have to fight.'”

So what Glee clips and extras are you planning on seeing from Fox? Music sneak peeks of episodes to come, or how about more of the That's How Sue Sees It segments? Some behind-the-scenes moments, or...maybe even outtakes? Whatever we end up getting, it's bound to be fun. So here's hoping Fox won't rain on our parade.

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