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Glee Ep13 "Sectionals": Interview w/ a Gleek, & Beyond

Glee Ep13 "Sectionals": Interview w/ a Gleek, & Beyond

Just when you think you'd heard all you can hear spoiler-wise about "Sectionals", even more spoilers pop up! I especially enjoy those spoilers that give us a behind-the-scenes look, kind of like our Hollywood Backlot post yesterday. You just can't get great sneak peeks like that from the actual sneak peeks.

So I stumbled upon a a Gleeks United post spotlighting an interview with an actual Gleek by the name of Lisa Djakalovic. Back during the summer season, Lisa got the thrilling chance to be an extra in episode 13 of Glee, "Sectionals". Read the interview to find out more about her most exciting moments during the episode shooting, and which members of the cast she got to meet. Plus, there are those "Sectionals" spoilers....

Anyway, enough about "Sectionals". Okay, okay, you can never have enough of "Sectionals". Not until, maybe, it's already aired. Maybe. But what do we know about the new episodes in April, already? It's bad enough we have to wait that long, what is it we're waiting for?

Basketball season for Finn. That's right, now his inner struggles won't revolve around football versus glee but basketball versus glee. Well, maybe not so much after the baby "incident". Even after sectionals, I'm betting Finn will have a lot more on his mind than the high school status quo.

What else? Possibly an Adam Lambert appearance. Madonna might not actually be in the Madonna-themed episode, but that doesn't mean there won't be other performers to look forward to in episodes to come. While Lambert guesting has not actually been confirmed yet, the chances are pretty high up there, according to Watch with Kristin:

"Also, we would bet some seriously good money that Adam Lambert will indeed guest star on the show, because a source who tells us everything about everything clammed up with a "no comment" when asked about the rumor that it is really happening."

Source: Gleeks United, E! Online