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First Episode Revealed for The Glee Project's Season 2 Winner Blake Jenner

First Episode Revealed for The Glee Project's Season 2 Winner Blake Jenner

When Glee Project season 2 contestant and early favorite Blake Jenner won The Glee Project in this week's finale, Blake himself couldn't even believe it, as he told Entertainment Weekly:

"Watching the finale last night, that was the first time I’d seen my performance, or Ali and Aylin’s performance. I didn’t expect it at all. I saw one of them winning. I’m so grateful. I know I’ve said [I'm] grateful and thankful so many times but that’s all I can say. In that moment, I did not think I was winning. I thought one of them had it for sure. They had such great storylines. You look at me, you don’t know what the story could be. I was just ready to look towards them, when they said, 'and the winner is…' I was getting ready to turn to my left and hug one of them. When he said my name, I was shocked! I literally feel like there was so much excitement, I almost levitated. I don’t remember jumping that high. It was the most amazing experience of my life."

Glee creator Ryan Murphy has announced via Twitter that Blake's character will be making his first appearance in episode 5 of season 4 - and that he will be showing up in Ohio (rather than as part of the New York story lines) and he will be dating someone. Blake could kind of see his character dating Heather Morris' Brittany...but it's anyone's guess until early November when episode 5 airs after a brief hiatus. Check out BuddyTV for a list of Blake Jenner Glee romance possibilities.

Can I say that I am so rooting for it to be Grant Gustin's Sebastian? Just look at his bromance with Michael, Blake could totally play a hot gay guy. Then again, does Glee really need more gay characters...?

It's being suggested that Ryan could be using "Ohio" instead of "McKinley" for a reason. Think Blake could be playing someone outside of McKinley High, like a rival Warbler perhaps? Hit the comments with your ideas and theories!

Photo credit: Tyler Golden/Oxygen Media