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Ausiello TV Snags Some Scoop from NPH...?

Ausiello TV Snags Some Scoop from NPH...?

Michael Auseillo of Entertainment Weekly's The Ausiello Files recently put up a new installment of Ausiello TV, and he just might get that extra scoop of Glee goodness from NPH about the "Joss Whedon-helmed" episode. Check it out here.

Even more recently we find out that that was just the tip teaser of the iceberg (SPOILERS AHEAD):

Question: Glee starts soon! In honor of that, some scoop? —Loki
Just 34 days! Here’s another tidbit about the Joss Whedon-Neil Patrick Harris hour: Harris and on-screen rival Matthew Morrison will find themselves up for the same role in a community theater production — hence the “Dream On” duet/showdown I teased in Ausiello TV.

Talking about Glee goodness...has Gleeks United got some news to share. Find out more about Santana (Naya Rivera) in the back nine episodes, what Oprah's got up her sleeve, and a brand-new clothing line in the works from Fox (yep, you heard right).

Savor that Glee goodness....