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General Hospital Spoilers: What's Ahead In September?

What is ahead for Port Charles in September? Read on for the spoilers...

The one name that will be on the minds of most of the residents of Port Charles this month is....Brenda. Sonny and Brenda will finally reconnect in Rome, but before you know it Brenda will be back in Port Charles crossing paths with the likes of Jason, Carly, and Jax. Carly will be none too pleased that Brenda is back in the minds of the three men closest to her, but which one of them will step up to help Brenda with the trouble that has found its way to her once again? It's not only people from Brenda's past who will be affected by her arrival, however. Sam and Spinelli will find themselves in Brenda's sphere for the very first time.

Robin will take Emma and move out after Patrick's affair with Lisa, but when it becomes clear that Lisa's crazy actions to get Patrick to herself pose a danger to their family, the estranged couple will team up to take Lisa down. Lisa will gain the upper hand on Robin at some point, and somehow Robin's first love Stone will be a key factor in Robin getting through this.

Lucky gets sent to Ireland undercover to get the jump on Balkan, the guy who is stalking Brenda amongst other nefarious activities. He leaves Port Charles Lucky Spencer and lands in Ireland as Ronan O'Reilly, but as the mission grows more dangerous Lucky will get some unexpected assistance from back in Port Charles.

In the rest of town, Brook Lynn burns all her bridges and is forced to turn to an unlikely ally(Nikolas!) for help. Sonny turns to Claire to keep his mind off Brenda, Michael has a hard time adjusting to life as a high school student, and Johnny and Olivia find their way back together.
Source: Soapnet