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General Hospital Spoilers: Week of August 30th

Spoilers for the week of August 30th on General Hospital:

On Monday August 30th, Lucky Sam and Jason find themselves in danger at the hands of the Lopez men. As Michael's anxiety begins to intensify as the start of the school year nears, Dante reaches out to him and Kristina. With nothing to lose, Brook Lynn bares her soul to Lulu who confronts Carly.

On Tuesday August 31st, Carly twists the truth to further make Brook Lynn look bad.

On Thursday, September 2nd Brenda seems to be the topic of the day as Carly makes an interesting request of Jax regarding Brenda and Sam questions Jason's relationship with Brenda. As Lisa continues to take out her twisted plans on Robin and Patrick, Patrick worries that Lisa will land Robin in jail. Also on Thursday, Johnny is pressured by Olivia and Michael to tell the truth about what really happened with Sonny.

On Friday, September 3rd Brenda and Sonny's eyes meet just as she is taken away by unknown men.

Also this week:

Olivia believes Sonny didn't try to kill Johnny. Sonny makes plans to flee the country to go to Rome to see Brenda who returns to Rome after enjoying a trip with Murphy, her fiancee. Meanwhile, Dante testifies that his father is not a flight risk at Sonny's arraignment only to be made a fool of. Jason realizes that Sonny went to Rome to see Brenda while Carly is forced to break the news to Michael and Kristina that Sonny has fled the country. Interpol warns Brenda that a crime figure known as "The Balkan" is targeting her. Brenda refuses to consider going back to the US.

In Rome, Sonny puts all his efforts into finding Brenda while in Port Charles Johnny awakens to Olivia sitting vigil by his bedside. Dante recruits Jason and Spinelli to help Sonny. Carly calls Brooky Lyyn's bluff. Lulu is thrilled when it seems Brook Lynn is out of her and Dante's Life. With nowhere else to turn, Brook Lynn turns to the Quartermaines but is kicked out when Tracy finds her trying to steal from Edward's.  Nikolas offers Brook Lynn a place to stay at Wyndemere and she is impressed by the Cassadine lifestyle. Brook opens up to Nikolas about what she has been up to since her return to Port Charles and in response Nikolas offers Brook the job of escorting him to a charity function.