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General Hospital Spoilers- Sneak Peek for the week of August 23rd

Here are some spoilers for this week on General Hospital:

Johnny's been shot by Sonny and while it may have been in self-defense Ronnie's actions make Sonny look guilty. Will Johnny survive and will Dante believe that Sonny shot Johnny in self-defense?

In Rome, Brenda mulls over her marriage proposal while thinking about Sonny, who is pondering evading the law with a trip to Rome.

Patrick devestates Robin with his confession that he slept with Lisa. Lisa continues to grow more and more unhinged and puts her most twisted actions to date into motion.

Jason and Sam are caught in a gunfight in the woods that takes a turn for the worse when someone gets shot.

Plus, Michael learns about Carly's scheme against Dante while Claire finally picks a side between Sonny and Johnny.
Source: ABC