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Fear the Walking Dead Spoilers: What's next for Daniel?

Fear the Walking Dead Spoilers: What's next for Daniel?

Fear the Walking Dead boss Dave Erickson has previewed what's ahead for Daniel on next week's episode titled "Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame."

Get the spoilers: 

As we move forward, he doesn’t know what happened to Ofelia. He suspects.

I think he’s horrified by the possibility of what could have happened and that he might have been responsible for it but that gives him a need even more so as the season progresses to atone. It gives him more reason to do right by Lola and then ultimately he’s also always keeping an eye out for the possibility that she might be alive. We go into that a bit deeper when we get into the next episode, obviously, because Strand has made some suggestions, made some claims as to her whereabouts, and Strand’s working a con to a certain degree and is trying to get himself out of jail and protect his own interests, but that’s something we continue to hit as we move into episode 5.


His portrayer, Ruben Blades, added that finding his daughter is Daniel's main goal. He said: 

I think that he was toying with the idea of staying in a place where he could actually end up becoming, not just indispensable, but also secure so that finding Ofelia would be more of a possibility.

If he became important enough he could have a whole group of people he could use to fan out and search for Ofelia as opposed to doing it on his own. He was thinking of those things, but he hasn’t lost site of his main goal, which is finding Ofelia and bringing her to safety.


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