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Fear the Walking Dead Spoilers: Season 4 premiere burning questions answered; What's next?

Fear the Walking Dead Spoilers: Season 4 premiere burning questions answered; What's next?

Following Sunday's season 4 premiere of Fear the Walking Dead, the show's executive producers Andrew Chambliss, Ian Goldberg and Scott Gimple alongside The Walking Dead's original cast member, Lennie James, answered our burning questions about what's to come. 

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On Althea's (Maggie Grace) recordings and overall season 4 arc: 


The inspiration for making Al a journalist who was documenting what we're seeing in this world started from the thematic place that all of our storytelling is coming from: the idea of finding hope in a hopeless world. Even though Al is a character who is very matter-of-fact, her mission is one that's unique. It's not just about survival. It's about something more. The idea that you would be documenting what happened and trying to build a record of it speaks to some optimism and some hope that one day, there will be a time where people care about these stories and care about what happened. For us, it was very important to have a character who had a real mission with some nobility to it. We can say that we'll be seeing a lot of Al's camera this season. It's an element of the show we're very excited about, and one we've had a lot of fun with. We can't wait for people to see how it plays out.


On whether viewers have we seen the last of Rick, Carol and Jesus:


It's a very big universe, and we hope to tell many more stories. For the time being, Morgan is the character we're focused on.


Even though Morgan chooses to run away from Rick, Carol and Jesus, the words that the three of them say to him before he goes — and particularly Rick's words about Morgan being connected to people, and that he'll find his way back to the world — those are things that will resonate with Morgan, and to a certain extent haunt him as he runs away and pursues isolation. The words will continue to be carried with him throughout the season.


On that ominous 51 flag marker seen in the premiere:


I would say you will not be disappointed if you continue to watch, because that flag will be explored and it may not be the only one.


It is definitely a harbinger of things to come. Al was not lying when she said she’s seeing them popping up over the landscape. We may, as Ian said, start to see some more of those things.


On what to expect from next week's episode: 


If you're surprised and intrigued by how we found Nick, Alicia, Strand and Luciana at the end of the premiere episode, stay tuned. You're going to start getting some answers about what led them to that place. You'll also discover some entirely new things about where they've been and what they've been doing since we last saw them at the end of the third season.


We're very excited about the second episode. It introduces a new setting for the characters that we were very excited to create. It was not easy to create on a production level, and it turned out very well. The new setting provides some villains who are very different from the ones we've seen on either Fear the Walking Dead or The Walking Dead. These are not villains who you can go up against with weapons. They are much more difficult to defeat. They're going to really test Madison and her family and push her to her limits. 


James on what's coming up for Morgan after the confrontation scene in the premiere: 

I think one of the things that’s fantastic about that reveal and that confrontation at the end of the premiere episode is that although you think you know those existing characters of Strand and Luciana and Alicia and Nick, you might not know them nearly as well as you think you do, and they too have gone through certain things since the last time you saw them. And that’s gonna be revealed over the coming episodes and over this season. Everybody’s gone through a slight transformation. All the people you think you know, you may well not have known them as well as you think you do.


Gimple on the mysterious newcomer, Mr. Dorie (Garret Dillahunt):

We take a deep dive into Mr. Dorie. We’ll find out more about what makes him tick.



Finally, here's the latest keyart of season 4: 


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