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Criminal Minds Spoilers: EP previews Morgan's return in finale

Criminal Minds Spoilers: EP previews Morgan's return in finale

Shemar Moore reprises his role as Agent Derek Morgan on this season's finale of Criminal Minds (airing May 10). 

Per CBS, "Derek Morgan comes to the team with a lead that might help find Mr. Scratch, the elusive fugitive that has been taunting the team all season."


Here's a preview on what to expect, per EP Erica Messer:

It's tied to what happened to him last year a little bit. 

Scratch isn't getting to Hotch (Thomas Gibson) to get us that message because Hotch is in Witness Protection, but he did get to Morgan even though Morgan is a civilian now. That's still a little disheartening that Scratch can have so much reach.

Messer also teased that the final hour will wrap with a cliffhanger:

It isn't a car exploding [like in Season 3], but it is a legit cliffhanger that we haven't done in a really long time, so that's kind of exciting. 

We get to start Season 13 in a different way. You'll be asking the same type of question: 'Who was that?' 'Are they OK?'


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Source: TV Guide