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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 4 Episode 15

  • Season 4 Episode 15
  • I Need to Find My Frenemy

  • Airdate:03.22.2019.


Rebecca (Rachel Bloom) gets a call to help her old nemesis (guest star Rachel Grate) out of a complicated situation.  Meanwhile, Nathaniel (Scott Michael Foster), Josh (Vincent Rodriguez III) and Greg (Skylar Astin) attempt to deal with their competing feelings for Rebecca. 

series regulars:

    Rebecca (Rachel Bloom)
    Nathaniel (Scott Michael Foster)
    Josh (Vincent Rodriguez III)
    Greg (Skylar Astin)
    Pete Gardner
    Vella Lovell
    Gabrielle Ruiz

guest cast:

    Rachel Grate

written by:

Aline Brosh McKenna

directed by:

Stuart McDonald
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