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Cougar Town Episode 13 "Stop Dragging My Heart Around": 2 More Sneak Peeks

Last week I managed to find this first little sneak peek early (yippee-kiyay!):

Now we have a couple extra sneak peeks just in time for tonight's new Cougar Town. Containing just the right dosage of Grayson and Laurie, and M&M Tea. Yum. Oh, and Jules moping over the whole Jeff-break-up.

"God gave me one last chance to be happy, and I blew it."

But Ellie has a slightly different opinion about that:

"I did not realize that God had taken such a personal interest in this relationship."

You have to laugh at that, right? Here you are, two more sneak peeks for tonight's new Cougar Town, episode 13 "Stop Dragging My Heart Around".


Source: TV OverMind