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Chicago Fire Spoilers: EP teases season 6 premiere "It Wasn't Enough"

Chicago Fire Spoilers: EP teases season 6 premiere "It Wasn't Enough"

Chicago Fire boss Derek Haas has teased the upcoming season six premiere "It Wasn't Enough" in a recent interview with THR. 

Haas promised that fans will get the answers they're looking for following the events from last season's finale. Read his comment below: 

We're going to pick up with the events that closed out season five. We're going to start just moments after what you saw. After fade out, we're going to fade back in on the same scene and we're going to play out the event.

I don't give away spoilers because there's a lot of things happening and a lot of people in jeopardy. Those events will play out over the teaser and then when we come back, we are going to do a time jump of a couple of months to (a) to line us more up with summer and (b) to get into…the way I always pitch it is, we're not doing the 23rd episode of season five, we're launching season six and hopefully launching it out of a canon so then we're going to go right into season six.


Haas also addressed whether Fire will crossover will Med and PD this season. He said:

Because we're only doing six right off the bat and Med's not on during that time, we were kind of trying to figure out where is the right spot to do it so I think not until the spring.

Trust me when I say Dick Wolf loves the crossovers and inevitably that call's coming. It might come tomorrow or as soon as he reads this article, then [Chicago P.D. showrunner] Rick [Eid] and [Chicago Med showrunners] Andy [Schneider] and Diane [Frolov] and I will get in a room and get the writers together and figure out what the best way to handle it is. 



* Haas teased what to expect from upcoming character, Mr. Sprinkles, who's set to make his debut in episode 4 of season 6.

Mr. Sprinkles is, to me, going to be a fan favorite.

We wouldn't be Chicago Fire if we didn’t surprise you with Mr. Sprinkles' appearance down the road after episode four. But probably around the time you've forgotten about Mr. Sprinkles, you might see Mr. Sprinkles again. That's all I'm going to tell you. 


Chicago Fire season 6 premieres Sept. 28 on NBC.

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