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Castle showrunner talks 'murder on Mars' episode

Castle showrunner talks 'murder on Mars' episode

The Feb. 23rd installment of Castle will find Castle and Beckett investigating the murder of an astronaut. 

Exec producer David Amann has previewed what fans can expect on the episode titled "The Wrong Stuff", get the scoop:

Coming out of the two-parter is a fun, classic Castle episode. It's basically murder on Mars. There's a Mars simulation with astronauts who've been locked away in a Mars environment for six months, and one of them is murdered. But none of them could have done it -- nobody could have gotten in. So Castle and Beckett have to put on spacesuits and go talk to people. And as part of that, we think that moving forward there is this kind of an ongoing theme for Beckett about what it is that she wants to do next with her life and her career. That's going to be something that manifests in the episodes moving forward.

Source: TV Guide