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Castle Episodes

Much Ado About Murder

Season 8 Episode 20

Air Date: 2016-05-02

Castle and Beckett go behind the scenes of a Shakespeare play...

Dead Again

Season 8 Episode 19

Air Date: 2016-04-25

A miraculous survivor of an attempted murder tries to help Castle and Beckett...


Season 8 Episode 18

Air Date: 2016-04-18

When Hayley's a suspect, Castle and Beckett must decide if she's a friend or foe...

Death Wish

Season 8 Episode 17

Air Date: 2016-04-11

The murder of a man connected to smuggling Turkish relics sends Castle, Beckett and the 12th Precinct on a search for a stolen antique believed to be Aladdin’s lamp....


Season 8 Episode 16

Air Date: 2016-04-04

A clue at the scene of the death of an armored-car driver leads Beckett and Castle back to an old case solved by Esposito....

Fidelis Ad Mortem

Season 8 Episode 15

Air Date: 2016-03-21

Beckett and team return to the NYPD academy to investigate a murdered recruit...

The G.D.S.

Season 8 Episode 14

Air Date: 2016-03-07

Castle returns to Los Angeles in search of answers about his missing time...

And Justice For All

Season 8 Episode 13

Air Date: 2016-02-29

Beckett and the 12th Precinct look into the murder of an English as a Second Langue student....

The Blame Game

Season 8 Episode 12

Air Date: 2016-02-22

Castle is captured and forced to work with strangers to solve deranged puzzles and mind games, while Beckett and the 12th Precinct must race against time to rescue Castle and catch a killer....

Dead Red

Season 8 Episode 11

Air Date: 2016-02-15

Beckett and Castle find themselves in a dangerous game of international crime and punishment...

Witness for the Prosecution

Season 8 Episode 10

Air Date: 2016-02-14

Castle is the key witness in a murder case....

Tone Death

Season 8 Episode 9

Air Date: 2016-02-08

Castle and Beckett’s investigation leads them into the unexpectedly dangerous world of competitive a capella...

Mr. & Mrs. Castle

Season 8 Episode 8

Air Date: 2015-11-23

Castle and Beckett investigate the murder of a cruise ship entertainer....

The Last Seduction

Season 8 Episode 7

Air Date: 2015-11-16

In order to hunt down the brutal murderer of a grifting seducer, Castle & Beckett must investigate New York’s elite....

What Lies Beneath

Season 8 Episode 4

Air Date: 2015-10-12

When Castle’s idol, a famously reclusive author, turns up dead, Castle is determined to solve his hero’s murder....

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