Casting bits: 'Star' adds Asha Kamali, Remy Hii & Hunter Parrish board 'Jane the Novela' and More

Casting news alert!

Here are the latest additions to new and returning scripted shows we're covering in our site: 


Asha Kamali (Milk & Honey) has landed a recurring role in season 3 of the music drama. 


Kamali will play Aunt Missy, “who handles the business side of management, within GiGi’s “Famtourage” (family/entourage).” 

“She hustles hard for her niece, using skills she learned and honed in the hood to claim the throne as Queen Bee manager from her sister, Ginny, who becomes jealous and competitive.”

Jane the Novela (CW)

Remy Hii (Marco Polo) and Hunter Parrish (Weeds) will star as male leads on the Jane the Virgin spinoff. 

Additionally, original cast members Ivonne Coll, Benito Martinez and Holland Roden will continue their series regular roles. 


Here’s what we know so far, per Deadline: “Being in the tradition of Jane the Virgin, Jane the Novela mirrors the setup of the original series. It too follows a driven, imaginative twentysomething Latina woman (Lopez) who is torn between her boyfriend, Luen (Hii), and Felix (Parrish), a handsome, rich guy. In this case, Luen is head of security while Felix is in the wine business vs. Jane Villanueva’s cop boyfriend Michael and love interest Rafael, a hotel heir.”

Hii’s Luen is “Estela’s sweet, dependable, long-term boyfriend. When the life he’s planned for himself and Estela is threatened by Felix, Luen will stop at nothing to win back the woman he loves.”

Coll will play Camila, “Estela’s adoptive mother. Camila would do anything to protect her daughter and the life they have built, even lie to her. On Jane the Virgin, Coll plays Jane’s grandmother and Xo’s mother Alba.”

Martinez portrays Raul, “the winery’s enigmatic riddler. Nobody knows Napa’s terroir like he does – he specializes in collecting dirt on everyone.”

Roden plays Sienna, “Felix’s not-so-regular sister who is determined to save the world, one endangered animal at a time; hopefully using her family’s moolah.”

Parrish’s Felix is “Napa’s most eligible bachelor and heir apparent to his family’s winery. Although his future looks bright, Felix is tortured by the secrets of his past. Marcia Cross plays Felix’s glamorous mother Renata.”



Dynasty (CW)

Michael Michele (Queen Sugar) has landed a recurring role in season 2. 

She'll play Dominique Deveraux, “a character with roots in the original series and played for three seasons by Diahann Carroll,” according to THR. 



Better Call Saul (AMC)

The Breaking Bad spinoff has upped Tony Dalton aka Lalo as a series regular for the show’s upcoming fifth run. 


Hawaii Five-0 (CBS)

Joey Lawrence will return in season 9's two-part finale. The actor broke the news of his return on Instagram. 

He will reprise his role as Aaron Wright, brother of Nick Jonas' hacker Ian Wright.