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Bones Spoilers: How does Sully's return affect Booth & Brennan?

Bones Spoilers: How does Sully's return affect Booth & Brennan?

Following Tuesday's episode, Bones showrunner Michael Peterson explained how Sully's return to Brennan's orbit will affect her relationship with Booth moving forward. 

Get the spoilers: 

By the time there’s that final moment with Booth and Brennan at their house, and she explains what Sully meant to her and how he helped her grow as a person, they’re confident enough in their relationship that this is a blip compared to all that they’ve gone through.


The EP also previewed Brennan's state of mind in next week's episode. He said:

She’s still reeling from the death of her father. Her journey to figure out what happened to her parents; that’s the central arc when you meet Brennan in the pilot. It’s about her discovering family. To find her father and to go through this journey with him, to finally forgive him for all that has happened, and then to lose him, it’s a defining moment for them. This crucible… it’s going to continue to the end of the season.

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Source: TV Line