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Bones Season 10 Episode 16

  • Season 10 Episode 16
  • The Big Beef at the Royal Diner

  • Airdate:04.30.2015.


The remains of a popular TV celebrity chef are discovered at a local park, and the Jeffersonian team must search for clues in local restaurants that he had been reviewing. When evidence points to the Royal Diner, Brennan and Booth’s favorite eatery, the two must risk their status as favored patrons by questioning the staff. Meanwhile, Hodgins sells his new invention for millions and Brennan creates an anatomically correct song to help Christine learn about the bones in the human body.

Series’ 206th Episode Makes BONES the Longest-Running One-Hour Drama for Producing Studio 20th Century Fox Television

In Conjunction with Series Milestone, all 206 Bones in the Human Body are Mentioned in Tonight’s Episode!

series regulars:

    Emily Deschanel as Dr. Temperance Brennan
    David Boreanaz as FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth
    TJ Thyne as Dr. Jack Hodgins
    Michaela Conlin as Angela Montenegro
    Tamara Taylor as Dr. Camille “Cam” Saroyan
    John Boyd as FBI Special Agent James Aubrey

guest cast:

    Eugene Byrd as Dr. Clark Edison
    Mike Starr and Frankie Cooper
    Jimmy Smagula as Chili Reuben
    Nicole Sullivan as Joanne DeMarco
    Adam Shapiro as Kenneth Morton
    Rico E. Anderson as Sergeant Kilgore
    Kurt Fuller as Sid Lauren
    Brian Robinson as Glen Fisher
    Sunnie Pelant as Christine Booth
    Nikea Gamby-Turner as Kelly McMahon
    Noel Guglielmi as Logan Manzes
    Kelly Schumann as Susan Bowles

written by:


directed by:

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