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Better Call Saul Episodes


Season 4 Episode 10

Air Date: 2018-10-09

Jimmy turns the page on his reputation; Lalo tracks a loose end in Gus' operation; Mike is forced to make a difficult decision....


Season 4 Episode 9

Air Date: 2018-10-01

Jimmy and Kim unburden themselves, risking their relationship in the process...


Season 4 Episode 8

Air Date: 2018-09-24

Jimmy goes to great lengths to right a wrong, as Kim pulls out all the stops for a case...

Something Stupid

Season 4 Episode 7

Air Date: 2018-09-17

Jimmy expands his business, but runs into a problem that only Kim can solve...


Season 4 Episode 6

Air Date: 2018-09-10

While Jimmy daydreams about reconstituting Wexler-McGill, Kim sets out to secure her own future...


Season 4 Episode 4

Air Date: 2018-08-27

A restless Jimmy embarks on a new endeavor while Mike burns bridges...


Season 3 Episode 4

Air Date: 2017-05-01

Jimmy asks a favor of Mike; new complications disrupt Salamancas' business; Chuck and Jimmy struggle with a compromise....

Sunk Costs

Season 3 Episode 3

Air Date: 2017-04-24

Jimmy decides to represent a new client to Kim's dismay; Mike meets a formidable ally who gives a tempting offer....

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