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Baby Daddy Season 4 Episode 4

  • Season 4 Episode 4
  • Over My Dead Bonnie

  • Airdate:02.13.2015.

Kelly Monaco plays an exaggerated version of herself. Danny is offered a cameo role on “General Hospital”; he’s really nervous and asks Riley to help him rehearse. Riley is a huge fan and can’t believe Danny is going to be in a scene with Kelly Monaco (Kelly Monaco), who plays her favorite character, Sam. Although Kelly is initially annoyed by the stunt casting, she soon finds Danny charming and decides he needs to be her new love interest. Meanwhile, Tucker and Ben are tired of living with Bonnie and are determined to get her out of their apartment and back into hers. The boys figure out the best way to break the lease is to have Bonnie “die,” so they stage a funeral on the “General Hospital” set. 

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