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Baby Daddy Season 4 Episode 13

  • Season 4 Episode 13
  • One Night Stand-Off

  • Airdate:06.17.2015.


Ben and Riley decide to play “shot and score” – whoever makes out with a stranger first wins. Riley sets her sights on Ross (Eddie Cibrian), a tall, dark and handsome bar patron while Ben hits it off with another customer, Jessica (Hilty Bowen). But when Riley’s one-night stand ends up being her new boss, she’s horrified – especially when Ross gives her the best case in the firm. Things aren’t going that well for Ben, either; as it turns out, Jessica’s husband is Ian (Luke Cook), the restaurateur trying to buy Bar on B. Needless to say, Ian is not happy when he learns his wife slept with his bartender and promises to ruins Ben’s career. Meanwhile, Bonnie uses Riley’s office for her realtor business, and Danny makes a big investment in the future.

guest cast:

    Eddie Cibrian

written by:


directed by:

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