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Baby Daddy Season 3 Episode 23

  • Season 3 Episode 23
  • It's A Wonderful Emma

  • Airdate:12.10.2014.

Ben channels his inner Scrooge as he detests everything that has to do with the holiday season - the shopping, the crowds, the tree trimming, even the pageant at Emma's daycare. Adding to his bad mood are Bonnie, Riley, Danny and Tucker, who are overflowing with cheer until Ben can't take it anymore and wishes there was no such thing as Christmas. But when his wish comes true and the holiday vanishes, he unwittingly erases Emma's existence and alters the course of everyone's lives. Can Ben get his loved ones to believe in Christmas and bring Emma back before it's too late? 

guest cast:

    Mo Gaffney ("Absolutely Fabulous")

written by:


directed by:

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