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Baby Daddy Season 3 Episode 17

  • Season 3 Episode 17
  • Flirty Dancing

  • Airdate:05.14.2014.
Riley gives Ben and Danny the time capsules they all made in the fifth grade, forcing everyone to reflect on where they are in their lives and what they really want. Although Bonnie advises Riley to figure out who she is today, she is not happy when Riley and Tucker crash her dance classes with Vladimir (Dmitry Chaplin). Ben realizes that he's never actually accomplished anything and decides to finish at least one thing he started, so he asks Georgie (Mallory Jansen) out on a date. However, she is more interested in Danny, which prompts Ben to reach out to his brother's ex-girlfriend Amy (Lacey Chabert) in the hopes of sparking a romantic reunion.

guest cast:

    Dmitry Chaplin ("Dancing With The Stars") and Lacey Chabert ("Mean Girls") Guest Star.

written by:


directed by:

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