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The Big Bang Theory: Danica McKellar to Guest Star

(May 05 2014) Hold onto your boson particles physics fans because former Wonder Years star, Danica McKellar, is going to be on the Jan 11th episode of the Big Bang Theory. She is going to be Abby, a Cal Tech Grad student. Somewhat a coincidence, in real life, she has published her own line of math books. Sounds awesome. Spoilers HOOOOOOO!

How I Met Your Mother: On Barney and Robin

(May 05 2014) Hey Gang. This one's not really a spoiler, but I'm wondering how you guys felt about Barney and Robin breaking. Personally, I feel like it was kind of a cop out. Yeah, Barney and Robin were great for each other, but whenever two main characters get together in a show, it always feels kind of forced.

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