Arrowverse Crossover Spoilers: Monitor & Lois Lane actors preview roles in 'Elseworlds' + Extended promo dropped

La Monica Garrett and Elizabeth Tulloch are among two of the new faces Arrowverse fans will see joining the crossover this year. Garrett takes on the role of DC's The Monitor and Tulloch has signed on for the role of Lois Lane. 

Aside from the promos dropped, we still don't have that much info on how the duo will fit into the crossover -- until now. Thanks to EW, who chatted with both actors to introduce their iconic characters into the DCTV universe.


“He’s vital,” Garrett said of the Monitor's role in the three-night event. 

“He’s not going to be in every other scene. You’re not going to get overloaded with him, but he comes in early, he comes in hard, and his presence is felt throughout the whole three episodes. He’s driving the crossover.” 


When asked whether this version of the Monitor is one of the antagonist, Garrett explains that his character's motives will be up for interpretation of someone's own take between good and evil. 

"Like I said, he did bad things for a good cause in the comic books. Now in this Arrowverse version of the Monitor, you might not like him [or] you might love him, but I think by the end of the third episode you’ll get an idea of where he’s coming from," he said. 


"To me, the best villains — and I’m not saying he’s a villain or a hero; you can’t really classify him as good or evil — are the ones that are doing things and you get their logic and you know why they’re doing it, but you’re [like], “You still can’t do that. I know where you’re coming from, but that’s the wrong way of going about it.” To me, that was Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War. I get what he’s doing, it makes all the sense in the world, but you just can’t do that. So, I think some people may think he’s an antagonist and others may get a different take on him, but I think that’s the fun of watching it as well."


Tulloch, for her part, shared that Lois' first meeting with the Flash and the Green Arrow begins with a sprinkle of humor. 


“It was mostly just kind of funny because Lois doesn’t know them,” Tulloch previewed.

"She’s just kind of confused. She’s like, ‘Wait, you’re saying you’re this person, and you’re saying you’re that person? You’re saying you don’t normally look like this?’ So her reaction is different from Clark and Kara’s. There’s definitely a funny moment that the three of us — Clark, Kara, and Lois — are watching with the two boys sort of having an altercation, of course, because what they’re going through is weird for them. It was really fun. One thing I’ve been emphasizing in all my interviews is just how much fun I had filming, how much fun we all seemed to be having working together. The crossovers are awesome. It was just a really enjoyable experience."


As to how Lois fits into the crossover, the actress offered: "I’m not in Arrow, so I can’t speak to that, but she’s there a lot of the time with Clark or with Superman, but she is involved, especially in Supergirl. There’s a huge fight sequence, by the way, that’s awesome to the point where, you know, a lot of the time if you’re not in a scene or they’re not using you, you go sit down or go back to your trailer, and I stayed on set [to watch] them film it. It looks so cool! She’s an important part, actually, of that fight. In any episode of TV, there’s a problem, what’s the solution, and typically your main characters are trying to solve it, and she’s adding that to that, “All right, let’s figure this out."


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Source: EW, EW