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Arrow Spoilers: Season 6 will tackle William's PTSD

Arrow Spoilers: Season 6 will tackle William's PTSD

The fallout of season 5 finale's explosion will greatly affect William when Arrow returns, exec producer Wendy Mericle has revealed.

According to the EP, the early part of season 6 will deal with William's trauma and how he deals with PTSD. 

He's completely traumatized as any 12-year-old boy would be having witnessed what he's seen. 

In the first nine-to-ten episodes this season, we're going to be exploring what is the fallout of that. And like what Oliver went through in Season 1, it's PTSD. We're not going to call it that or go into the psychological details so much but we're definitely exploring how this kid has been traumatized and, in some ways, Oliver is responsible for that.


Keep reading for more season 6 spoilers revealed by Mericle below: 

* Dina will embrace her new role as the Black Canary: 

I think over the intervening months and as a result of her witnessing what happened on the island, she's going to go through a similar transformation and really be not just a full-fledged member of the team but an actual believer in the cause.

We haven't seen that side of her. She's always been a skeptic and now she's not.


* Slade's return is emotional: 

I will tell you those episodes -- we've filmed them -- are fantastic. They're also about fathers and sons, and it's a really great storyline that's informed by Oliver's experience. 

Slade is in a very different place now.


* Finally, the Vigilante's identity will be exposed: 

I can't tell you when or who or how but I can tell you that question will be answered in the course of Season 6.

And I think it's going to be awesome. We're really excited about who we've gotten and the storylines we're working on. It's gotten bigger than we anticipated and it's going to be awesome.


* When talking about season 6's villain, Richard Dragon, Mericle revealed that he has connection to a member from Team Arrow: 

That doesn't mean there isn't a connection in there somewhere between him and maybe some other people on the team.


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Source: IGN