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Arrow Spoilers: Here's what to expect from season 6's finale

Arrow Spoilers: Here's what to expect from season 6's finale

Arrow will wrap its sixth season this week with the episode titled "Life Sentence," an hour which will see the epic battle between Oliver and Diaz. 

Here's the latest preview from star Stephen Amell: 

[The finale] doesn't have a cliffhanger.

Often times the city's been destroyed by the Undertaking, so what's going to happen? Or the island is blown up or Oliver and Felicity are leaving, where are they going? Where does that leave us? I'd say if it's closest to any finale it would be like the Season 4 finale when Oliver and Felicity drove off, but everybody was settled with where they are. Last year there was a lot of uncertainty, this year there's certainty to such a degree that it's a little unsettling.


On Olicity's arc, here's what Emily Bett Rickards offered: 

There was one scene that Oliver and Felicity have that - a lot of things are at stake.

As sad as the scene is, it was one of my favorites with Stephen all season because it just felt really intimate... As much as it is a tortured scene, I think it was one of my favorites all year just because of the actors that we are and who Stephen is and where our characters have come and how much they love each other and how strong our friendship is. Just getting to work together for two hours on the final day of shooting the show was magical.


As previously reported, the finale will mark Paul Blackthorne's final episode on the series. When asked what he can tease about his character's exit, the actor said: 

It’s a beautiful exit, actually. A very nice exit, as exits go!


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