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Arrow Spoilers : Could Nightwing Be Dropping In?

Arrow Spoilers : Could Nightwing Be Dropping In?

WonderCon has delivered numerous spoilers for Arrow's future, but the question on everyone's lips is whether or not there will be more DC characters dropping in.

GreenArrowTV were lucky enough to score a few answers, check them out below!

The Question.. Marc Guggenheim has stated that “The Question is definitely on my list of DC characters that I just happen to love personally, but also who would fit very much into the voice of the show,”. He further added “One thing we’ve talked about for Season 2 is getting Oliver out of Starling City, and having him travel around a little bit more. Certainly going to Hub City would be a fun thing to do,”.

On expanding the show's horizons.. “The trick, for us, is evolving the show to include these ‘other comic book characters’ in a way that feels organic to the show, and not let the cart drag the horse, but we’ve talked a lot about The Question,” Guggenheim says. “I think it was a lot of fun to have The Huntress on the show this year. As with all things on the show, it really starts with the story first, and if we can come up with a great story, then we’ll absolutely do The Question. And that is assuming he’s available to us. I never want to assume that we’ll be able to use a given DC character, but everyone at DC has been really wonderful about giving us access to the toy chest.”

Nightwing to cross paths with Arrow?.. "We do talk a lot about Nightwing, but at the same time, it is up to DC as to when they’re going to make the Bat-characters available,” Guggenheim says. “I think they need to figure out some Justice League stuff [and] some Batman movie stuff. But the two nice things are, is that hopefully the show will have a nice longevity, and also everyone at DC has been incredibly collaborative and supportive. They come at it from the same philosophy that we all do. They want to see it happen. It’s a match made of corporate assets. I would say stay tuned. If that character ever becomes available to us, we would be very willing participants,” he says.

Source: GreenArrowTV

Do you want to see a batman-universe cross-over in the future? And are you open to The Question's possible appearance?