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Arrow Episode 14 "The Odyssey" Spoilers : 4 Tidbits!

Arrow Episode 14 "The Odyssey" Spoilers : 4 Tidbits!

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Here are 4 spoiler tidbits to look forward to in tomorrow night's episode of Arrow, episode 14 "The Odyssey".

1. More training with Slade Wilson on the island.. Manu Bennett’s Slade Wilson will play a larger role in this episode, as we learn some things about his character. What we can expect are some shoutouts to other characters from Slade Wilson’s backstory in DC Comics, including a certain mute future Teen Titan and someone else where any hint will give it away.

2. Moira's City Failure.. The episode picks up where last week’s Arrow episode left off, which means we will get to see what happens when “the Hood” comes face to face with his mother.

3. Felicity Smoak Is Back!.. It has already been spoiled through promotional stills that this is the episode where Felicity learns Oliver’s secret; how and why, we shall see, but we know she eventually ends up helping Diggle to save Oliver’s life.

4. Less cast members.. Laurel is used very sparingly (and very well) in this episode. I don’t want to go into specifics without spoiling any moments, but I will say her biggest and most surprising scene comes at a time I wasn’t expecting it. Characters like Detective Lance and Thea show up fairly late in the game as well. You want to see Oliver and Slade on the island and what happens there, and what happens when Felicity and Diggle try to save Oliver’s life.

Source : KSiteTV

Are you excited for tomorrow night's all new episode, with these new spoilers?