Arrow Spoilers: EP teases Oliver's birthday party

Arrow has plotted a special birthday celebration for Oliver in episode 22 this season. 

Here's a preview on what to expect, per EP Wendy Mericle: 

We’ve never celebrated his birthday, though it was one of those ideas that we always talked about doing. 

We celebrated Thea’s birthday in a very dark way in the past — she crashes a car and then gets under the influence, all kinds of things — but let’s just put it this way: [Oliver’s birthday party, in Episode 22] is a lull in the storm, and it’s a nice moment with the team.


The EP also dropped another preview about next week's Olicity-heavy hour "Underneath," where Oliver and Felicity gets trapped in the bunker. 

Oliver truly cares about her, and doesn’t want her to go through what he’s gone through [once allying with Bratva].  But from where Felicity is sitting, that’s total hypocrisy, and she’s going to call him on that.

As the ex-lovers in turn revisit their Season 4 split, Felicity is going to come out of this with a new understanding of who Oliver is. Everything that happens with Helix is going to force her to reframe everything that happened at Season 4, especially when she looks back at when she walked away.


  • Mericle gave an update about John Barrownman's return as Malcolm:

The last time Oliver and Malcolm saw each other, Malcolm helped them at the end of Season 4 — but he also went after Oliver’s son in the middle of Season 4. 

So always with Malcolm, you never know where you stand. You’re always a little bit off balance even if you think he’s on your side.

  • Felicity's paralysis will be revisited in episode 20 "Underneath" (airing on May 3) 
  • When asked whether Helix will still be around in season 6, Mericle said that it's a storyline they “leave dangling."


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Source: TV Line, TV Line