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Agents of SHIELD Spoilers: What To Expect in Season 2 Finale

Agents of SHIELD Spoilers: What To Expect in Season 2 Finale

Agents of SHIELD's Maurissa Tancharoen and Jed Whedon talked with the press about the last night's episode. Here's what they revealed for the season 2 finale:

The Kree stone

Nothing is ever as it seems. Ever. Or we're not doing our job. So it has an unusual ability to go from solid to liquid and back. There's something more going on there.


  • It's big. It's emotional. There are some twists and turns, some surprises.
  • Ward's motives will become more clear by the end of the season, and hopefully they'll become blatantly clear in Season 3.
  • There is a cliffhanger for sure - you will leave with a mystery of something you desperately want to know what's happening, the promise of something you're very excited to see happen, and a little bit of a resolve of all the things you've seen happen this year. You will be waiting for Season 3.
  • Not everyone will make it, and not all of our favorite people will get out unscathed.

No more spoilers got revealed. If you want to read the full interview(s) nonetheless - visit the source links.

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Source: THR, Zap2it