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Agents of SHIELD Spoilers: EP previews Ghost Rider's return in finale

Agents of SHIELD Spoilers: EP previews Ghost Rider's return in finale

Gabriel Luna reprises his role as The Ghost Rider on Tuesday's season finale of Agents of SHIELD.

Here's a preview on what to expect, per EP Jeff Bell:

 Well, I'll say that you can definitely expect some fire.

He usually shows up when innocent blood has been spilled, so, you know, he seems to be the nuclear option. When nothing else will work, Ghost Rider shows up, and … We've got really powerful Aida, and we need some help, so it seems to make sense for him to show up with us.


The other thing that we're trying to do, you know, we've done three pods this season with Ghost Rider and then LMD, and now Framework. And we are the story guys, we need to sort of bring all three stories together at the end to really nail the landing. And so, it also just makes sense.

On FitzSimmons' orbit, Bell is hopeful that a happy ending is still possible for the strained duo. He said:

Well, we can tell that it's not gonna be easy for him.

But we also know from 21 that he will never love anyone else. So, those two things will be in conflict but, you know, they're FitzSimmons. I know, everything I read, people seem to be rooting for them. So, we've put them through their tests and their trials, and, you know, we'll see. There might be a happy ending in their future.

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BONUS SPOILER BIT | Bell on their early plans for season 5:

Each year we’ve tried to reinvent the series in some way, in concept.

And we will try to do that again. Without talking about characters, I think the end [of Tuesday’s finale] really does suggest something quite different….

Source: IGN, TV Line