White Collar Spoilers: What Is Neal's Strategy To Bail Out Peter?

collarThe awesome dynamic of Peter and Neal continues on White Collar season 5.

But with Peter incarcerated, what kind of exit plan does Neal need to concoct to bring things back to normal? We've discovered a spoiler that reveals Caffrey's strategy in order to bail out his bromigo, Agent Burke.

What's more, Supernatural actor Mark Sheppard reprises his role as "The Dutchman" on the premiere. Keep reading for the scoop:

Prepare yourselves for a blast from the past, because the big bad from the series premiere, aka "The Dutchman," is back! With Neil's father on the run, and Agent Peter Burke behind bars, it looks like Neil is ready to make a deal with the devil to make things right. And remember, a picture may be worth a thousand words, but a voicemail can save a man from prison.

Source: E! Online

'White Collar' returns Thursday, Oct. 17 on USA.


Check out a sneak peek of the premiere titled "At What Price" below: