White Collar Spoilers: Showrunner Teased Midseason Premiere — Daddy Issues Ahead For Neal Caffrey!

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January 20, 2013

In an exclusive interview with TV Fanatic, White Collar creator Jeff Eastin teased the upcoming drama our favorite con man has to deal with — daddy issues! On the most recent episode, Sam’s identity as Caffrey’s real father was finally brought to light but as most of us are dying to know, how would Neal take it?

Grab the spoilers you need to know before the show airs this Thursday, Jan. 22 on USA Network.

Is the Neal/father story that going to take us through the rest of the season? What can we expect moving forward?

Yeah. Neal’s wanted to know who his father is. We set that up for a long time and as he’s doing this suddenly ‘here’s your dad’ and hand it to him. The problem becomes he says, ‘Screw you. You’ve been here and you’ve been lying to me this whole time.’ So Neal’s not really happy about it.
Peter isn’t feeling happy about it either at the beginning, but Elizabeth calls him on it and says ‘Look, you know in your mind you’re [like] Neal’s father.’ ‘Yeah, yeah’ and she’s like, ‘Look Neal has this chance you should give it to him. You should encourage him’ and so he does encourage him.
Then Peter and Mozzie start having their doubts about James and then that’s when Neal has finally embraced him as a dad and so now he’s mad at them and things sort of tumble forward. Let’s just say at the end Peter and Neal team up and get very close.

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