White Collar Spoilers: A Hostile Father/Son Reunion; Plus, Things Get “Pretty Interesting” For Neal & Sara

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January 3, 2013

The FBI agent and con man partnership of Neal and Peter will get even more personal on the midseason return of White Collar. Now that Sam’s identity has been unveiled, what could be the comeuppance of this act of betrayal for Neal? Will Peter offer his FBI services to ease his trust issues?

Additionally, Hilarie Burton (One Tree Hill) also returns as Sara Ellis this winter, do I smell another hookup scene/s?

Don’t think too long! TV Line has previewed the most anticipated continuation of the season 4 cliffhanger of the USA drama series. Check out the spoilers below:

The father/son reunion won’t be a pretty one. “[Neal is] pretty pissed off, partly because James has been essentially lying to him since he showed up,” executive producer Jeff Eastin notes. “For Neal, that’s a real hard thing to reconcile.” James also brings with him danger as there are “bad people out there” who want to get to the evidence that would clear Neal’s pop first. Meanwhile, a shake-up at the FBI forces Peter to get in touch with his morally gray Caffrey-esque side in order to “save himself, save his career [and] save Neal.” And lest you think we forgot about romance – Neal is a charmer, after all – Sara returns for three episodes, during which her relationship with the con man gets “pretty interesting.”

An all new White Collar titled “Family Business” airs on Tuesday, Jan. 22 on USA Network.

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