White Collar Season 5 Spoilers: Where Will The Show Pickup After Peter’s Arrest?

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May 30, 2013


On White Collar‘s upcoming fifth season, a lot of issues need to be repaired and at the same time, relationships among the characters are yet to be explored. (WTH happened after Neal’s fake proposal?!)

When we last checked in with the USA drama, a cliffhanger had sent us feeling worried for Peter after Neal’s dad had framed him for the shooting of the senator.

When the conman series returns this fall, how will things fare for Peter? Will he be able to get out of this rabbit hole?

We have the latest season 5 spoilers, read them below!

Surprisingly, It doesn’t take long for Peter to get back into the FBI’s good graces, and once he does, he looks into starting a new joint task force with the NYPD for large-scale busts. In the meantime, Peter and Neal will fall into their old routine quickly. In fact, before you know it, Neal will be posing as a butler for an affluent family Elizabeth knew way back when so that he can investigate the rebellious eldest son. Call me crazy, but I’m not so sure that Neal will be very good at taking orders.

Source: TV Guide