White Collar Season 5 Spoilers: See Neal on A Fireman Suit! Plus, A Suicide Attempt by [SPOILER] Ahead!

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July 4, 2013

White Collar - Season 4

Missing Neal Caffrey’s (Matt Bomer) perfect jawlines already? Hm. You are not alone, White Collar fan!

On that note, we scooped some pretty HOT spoilers abound on the upcoming fifth season of the USA series. Keep reading for the scoop!

Thought Magic Mike was the last time we’d see Matt Bomer in a fireman’s outfit? Think again. I hear he’ll suit up again around the sixth episode of the fifth season. Bonus scoop: The show is currently casting a bit part as a crisis negotiator. This person’s task at hand? Talking MOZZI off the ledge of a building.

Source: EW