White Collar Season 4 Finale "In The Wind" Spoilers, Photos & Review -- "CONrad & CONnie"

White Collar Season 4 Finale "In The Wind" Spoilers, Photos & Review -- "CONrad & CONnie"

22White Collar S04E16 "In The Wind"

Last time I interviewed White Collar actor Tim Dekay, we talked about Neal and his father's relationship as they move forward for the rest of the season. In his own words, he said that it will be "intrinsic". The series of information that will be revealed is directly connected to James and the senator. I saw the advanced screening of the finale this weekend and I was ecstatic to find out that Tim's words have been accurate.

I don't want to spoil too much about this season finale titled "In The Wind" for the reason that it will totally be a bad idea. The episode was very well crafted and it was delivered with very good acting. The finale is definitely above par. The season villain, Titus Welliver who played the nefarious Senator Pratt has given the role justice. I also loved the part of Neal and James (Treat Williams) moments where they try to have a casual father and son conversation only to be interfered with a long, eerie silence of awkwardness. It was the first time for me to see the gorgeous conman vulnerable long after the death of Kate.

The episode revolves on the evidence box Ellen had left inside the Empire State Building. The goal of Peter and Neal is to get to the box ASAP in the hopes that it can ultimately clear the name of former cop James Bennett. However, there is a big hurdle: Senator Pratt has been mandating Calloway to get to the evidence before Burke does to make sure  he won't be implicated on the Flynns' long history of crimes.

The intel is indebted to to newly retired Agent Hughes. He tipped off Burke about a wire tapped phone call between Calloway and Pratt. In a matter of hours, the FBI and Neal's team (Moz and James) are going head-to-head in finding the elusive evidence.

Meanwhile as the two opposing teams concoct and put their plans into action, things have been schmaltzy on Neal Caffrey's picturesque dimension. That's right, Neal and Sara are in full swing on the romance department on the episode and I couldn't have asked for more. Neal and Sara shippers, if you thought you've already seen these two lovebirds execute the perfect con, wait til you see what stunt they both pull together on the finale! It IS breath taking and tear-jerking!

The episode reached its climax when a fury confrontation between the long-time enemies, Senator Pratt and James Bennett come to a head. The big spoilers? Expect gunshots to be fired and ONE major casualty. However the finale doesn't just end there, as the snafu rises even higher, a colossal and imminent set-up will take place. Trust me, there is a zero percent chance that you're gonna like it.

Check out these few screencaps I captured from the episode:


I must leave things just as that, a tad heavy but still teasing I hope. Nevertheless, please feel free to comment below for your thoughts and maybe I can drop a few more hints if the majority demands for it.

By the way quick question: what do you think CONrad and CONnie means? Share your guesses below!