Season 4 Episode 13 episode 13

White Collar Season 4 Episode 13, 14 & 15 Spoilers

White Collar Season 4 Episode 13, 14 & 15 Spoilers

The USA Network has released the official synopsis of the next three episodes of White Collar season 4. Check out the spoilers below!

Season 4 episode 13 "Empire City"
Airdate: Tuesday, Feb. 5th

  • Peter and Neal work a forgery and money laundering case that leads them into two of the most iconic New York institutions, taxi cabs and jazz.

Season 4 episode 14 "Shoot the Moon"
Airdate: Tuesday, Feb. 19th

  • Peter and Neal work from different angles as they attempt to stop a thieving duo bent on going out in a hail of bullets rather than watch their whirlwind relationship fade away behind bars.

Season 4 episode 15 "The Original"
Airdate: Tuesday, Feb. 26th

  • In this ramp up to the finale, Peter and Neal get closer to finding out the mystery behind Ellen's evidence box while simultaneously chiseling their way through the world of sculpture forgery.

Source: USA Network