Welcome to the Family Spoiler: Rita Moreno Guest Stars in November!

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October 19, 2013

Welcome to the Family - Season 1

If you’ve been enjoying NBC’s new comedy, Welcome to the Family, then be prepared to love it even more because…Rita Moreno is guest-starring!

As reported by TV Guide, Rita Moreno (West Side Story, Oz) will guest on an episode in November as a member of the extended Hernandez family.

“Moreno…will play Abuelita, the spicy grandmother of Lisette (Justina Machado), who looms large over the Hernandez family.

“The matriarch, expected to debut in November, is described as extremely religious, judgmental, tough, perpetually scowling and rude. The thought of disappointing Abuelita is so unappealing that Lisette and her family tell her elaborate lies about their lives whenever she comes to visit.

What kind of lie do you think the Hernandez family will fabricate to disguise Molly and Junior’s baby on the way?

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    Welcome to the Family has been canceled by NBC. Do we know if it’s also removed from the schedule ?