Welcome to the Family Canceled

Welcome to the Family Canceled

Welcome to the Family - Season Pilot

Sad face.

NBC's freshman sitcom, Welcome to the Family starring Mike O'Malley has bit the dust in an effort to salvage its Thursday night ratings, reports Entertainment Weekly.

Two new NBC shows were cancelled Friday as part of a dramatic shakeup of the network’s fall lineup.

Wednesday night cop drama Ironside will air its last episode next week; Thursday night sitcom Welcome to the Family is gone ASAP. NBC will use a mixture of Dateline episodes and specials to fill the Ironside hole for the remainder of the year.

The network won't even be airing Welcome's Halloween episode - episode 4, "Halloween" - before nixing the series. Extra sad face. I thought the show had potential.

Will you miss Mike O'Malley's new show, or do you agree with the cancellation?