Welcome to Spoilers Guide 3.0!

Welcome to Spoilers Guide 3.0!

Dear readers.

As many of you already noticed, Spoilers Guide has a new fresh look! It’s not just the looks though, we did our best to make the user experience on this site better than it was before.

To get you started, below is a summary of what to expect from Spoilers Guide 3.0.

The Homepage


Besides new looks, we implemented a floating navigation bar with better search and show selections.


Notice the highlighted part below the navigation bar? This is our Featured Posts section. Here, you can view the most buzzed posts we've covered for the day. 


Little down below, you can browse the most popular shows on the site for any given day.


On the sidebar, we are featuring the latest promo and sneak peek videos.


See this image with the arrow below? If the set of words S2 E23 baffle you a bit, don’t get easily intimidated. This merely translates to season 2 episode 23 and “Unthinkable” is the episode title. It tells you exact episode the spoiler is about, in case it’s not mentioned in the post title.


Episode Guide Pages


This may be the most important feature we're releasing with this new design. Episode guide will help you to find titles, air dates, official descriptions, cast information, galleries and all promo & sneak peek videos. In time, we believe this will be the most comprehensive episode guide online.


Once you click the title, you will be able to access all episode guide info. For example, browse this page << Beauty And The Beast S2 E19 >>


However, we want you guys to bear with us for not all episodes are updated. That said, our team is open for volunteers who have a passion for tv shows as well. If you're interested, please contact us. As a thank you, we will indefinitely feature your name on the main show page (example).


Spoilers Pages


Enjoying the latest promo videos for the upcoming episode will be a hassle free experience when you head to our Spoilers Pages. That's right, no need to hit the search button! What's more, related spoilers about the next episode can also be found on the right side of the page.


There are still a bunch of new features we haven't mentioned yet. But we hope that the ones we've introduced here got your attention. Clearly there's more to come! If you have any suggestions,  feel free to email us.

Our thanks to Locastic studio who developed the new site!